Grace for Orphans
Scholorship Fund
"...this support will change and influence the children and encourage them to do better in their education."

The school is 21 km from town, with an enrolment of about 420 learners. Fifteen (15) learners were supported by GFOSF at this school by providing them with school uniforms, school bags, school shoes, pens and pencils, including rulers.

Special project:

The school have serious shortage of standard classrooms. Grades 5 and 6 attend lessons in traditionally built “classrooms”. In some other grades, there many learners in each classroom than normally expected. The school is also not fenced despite that community members have in the past unsuccessfully tried to make financial contributions to buy school fence. Majority of learners at this school walk close to ten (10) to school and stay without food for lunch before going back into classes for afternoon sessions.