Grace for Orphans
Scholorship Fund
"...this support will change and influence the children and encourage them to do better in their education."


The Grace for orphans’ scholarship fund is a humanitarian mission orientated project or organization, aimed at giving poor orphans and their families, or guardians chance for necessary resources to make it in life after the loss of biological parents. Evidently, education is the perfect equalizer and effective medium to prepare for a better, successful, and more productive future; to become productive citizens and making contribution to a positive and collective social responsibility. We are a family established and run project, geared to provide necessary scholarship funds to orphans, for education tuition, text books, and uniforms or other services, through our efforts to share and to solicit funds from churches, individuals, groups, organizations, foundations, and other would be resources.  We are situated in Seattle, Washington, in the United States of America; however our services and operation centers are located in the Southern African region, in these areas: Caprivi Strip, and Zambezi Region.


Our sole objective is to be a catalyst for change in providing the least privileged orphaned children of all background opportunities, after their biological parents passing or demise, to help in minimizing the painful experience (s) these children have to go through, without their only safe guard and provider in life. Our ultimate dream is to live in a world where no orphaned children are left to care for themselves and consequently becoming statistics and forgotten, in the world filled with so much wealth and humanitarianism. Our services are aimed at orphaned children from of all ages and background, especially those at a very early developmental stage in life, making sure that they are privileged to attend pre-school, kindergarten, or other community platforms that gives them early educational foundation skills for a better future.


We have a noble social responsibility to help orphans in the Caprivi Strip and Zambezi Region, situated in southern Africa, providing them with opportunities to make it in life. As honest partners in this life long undertaking, we pledge to succeed in our dream of living in a world where no orphaned children are left to fane for themselves, and becoming statistics in a world blessed with so much wealth, opportunities, love, and possibilities. We reserve the ambitions to expand our services in other territories if and when resources allow doing so.


Our vision is a world where orphaned children are provided grace and love to succeed in life without any hindrances’ that could lead them in becoming statistics, joining the forgotten among us, due to failed policies and lack of care after the demise of their biological parents.


As a non-profit organization primarily driven by the central value of humanitarianism, we are propelled by sharing and bestowing love on the most less privileged and vulnerable children without parents. These principles or values will sustain and guide our services and primary objectives: love (1 John 4: 7, 8), collaboration (“it takes a village to raise a child”), collective responsibility (UBUNTU or community centered approach to life challenges), integrity (accountability and honesty), empathy, empowerment, success and independence.